Company Profile

Incorporation January 19, 1984
Commencement of Business January 19, 1984
Listing with Dhaka stock Exchange September 09, 1996
Listing with Chittagong Stock Exchange January 20, 1997
Board of Directors Mr. Tabith M. Awal
Directors : Mrs. Nasreen Fatema Awal
: Mr. A.K.M Rafiqul Islam
: Mr. M. A Motalib Chudhury
: Mr. Tafsir M. Awal
: Mr. Md. Nuruzzaman
Factory Office & Location Plot No. 242, Dakhinpara, Dhamrai, Dhaka (Dhaka-Aricha highway) the unit situated at 3.86 acres of land located on the Dhaka- Aricha Highway at Dhamrai Municipal area which is about 50 (Fifty) km away from Dhaka.
Hear Office Anchor Tower (10th Floor), 1/1 (B) Sonargaon Road, Dhaka - 1205