Carbon Rod

Kay & Que (Bangladesh) Ltd. Was incorporated on 19th January 1984 as Public Limited Company with the objectives, of among other things, setting up manufacturing facilities for dry cell battery components as profitable susiness enterprise. The company finally adopted a project for manufacturing of carbon rods used as anodes in the dry cell battery making process and the manufacturing plant was supplied by STC. South Korea. The basic technoloty from STC Corporation, South Korea and in 1984 company procured above plant-machineries from Lucky Gold Star.

Kay & Que established with financial assistance of BSRS in June 1983 having annual capacity production 200 million pieces carbon rod for Drycess battery industry. The project went into commercial operation in November 1989. Gradually the company increased its capacity and the present rated capacity is 250 million.

The company is manufacturing carbon rod for drycess batteries from its inception which is the heart of Lacanche type battery. In a sense it performs a collector and conductor of the current generated in the cell. It serves as a conductor passing an electric current from the interior of a drycell to the external anode terminal. Therefore the quality of the carbon rod experts an important influence on the characteristics of the drycell, acquiring the most vital position among the items for a dry battery, market and manufacturing technology.
It’s our immense pleasure to inform that we have been manufacturing three grades for Carbons Rods namely R-20 (UM-1), R-6 (UM-3) and R-3 (UM-4) size carbon rod for selling in the local and international market. This products for Dry Cell Battery and we marketing the same to various overseas markets such a India, Iran, Nepal, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Pakistan etc. after meeting entire local demand satisfactorily for the last 20 (Twenty) years.

Types of Carbon Rod:

Presently we producing 5 (Five) grades of carbon Rod considering buyer specification. Different types are as follows:
CPC 1 & 2, For R-20 Carbon Rod
GPCC 1 & 2 for R-20 Carbon Rod.
FX 1 for R-6 Carbon Rod
Usually product specification is given by the respective buyers and Kay & Que follows the specifications and supplies the carbon rods as per their specifications.

Product & Specifications:

R-20/UM-1 Size
Diameter 8 ± 0.03 mm
Length 56 ~ 58 ± 0.10 mm
Elec. Resistivity 0.00


Alkatra (Crude Tar)

Kay & Que (Bangladesh) Ltd. Was incorporated on 19th January 1984 as Public Limited Company with the objectives, of among other things, setting up manufacturing facilities for dry cell battery component as profitable business enterprise. From the beginning of its operation Kay & Que (Bangladesh) Ltd has the motive to expand the business. From this point of view Kay & Que (Bangladesh) Ltd has started Unit-2 (Alkatra Business Unit) operation from 2002 with the objectives of quality, customer satisfaction & profit maximization. From the beginning of its businesss it has achieved a remarkable good reputation & turn into market challenger.
There are so many rivers, canals, Haors surrounded the country. Bay of Bengal has also taken remarkable area in the country. These rivers, canals & the sea is one of the major parts of communications, where number of boat, ship & dingi used as a major communication vehicles. To project the wood & steel made boat, dingi & ship from damage, alkatra used as a projector, because Crude tar or Alkatra used as a water resistant black paint.
Bangladesh has a good demand for alkatra products. Presently about 8000 MT alkatra is consumed by the end users. The demand of Alkatra mainly considered as seasonal demand. Some factors have gear up the demand suddenly such as:

  • Natural Calamity
  • Heavy Rainfall
  • Flood

The end users of this product are mainly those who row boats in the low lying lands, rivers, ditches, and in the coastal areas. People use Alkatra in their fishing nets, stakes, on corrugated iron sheets which are used for roof or hedging houses, on floors and lot more uses with different related objectives. So, it is quite evident that this product is very essential for people living in the remote areas and in the cities widely.
Alkatra or crude coal tar is mainly a by-product of steel mills. This by product can be used as refine tar of emulsion tar. Ub Bangladesh market, Alkatra mainly imported from various country. The major suppliers of Alkatra are India, Taiwan, Egypt, Chaina, Romania etc.
We have experienced technical & professional team to compete the market situation. The physical infrastructure of our factory is very impressive. We directly procure raw materials from overseas suppliers. Still we have some additional capacity fro increase of production & sales.


we initially started with refined tar named Chaka Brand 15 Kg tin and 230 Kg drum then we brought emulsion brand named Chaka Special 15 Kg tin and 230 Kg drum. We also came up two new emulsion brands named Ranga Chaka and Nongor Marka with the same ingredients. On the basis of customer demand & taste, we have differentiated the quality.

  • Chaka (Tin)
  • Refine Tar (Drum)
  • Chaka Special (Tin)
  • Chaka Special Emulsion (Drum)
  • Creasote Oil
  • Nepthaline (KG)
  • Hard Picth (KG)
  • Crude Tar Drum (Raw)

Product Specifications

Sl. No Characteristic Specification
1 Drying Time: Hard Dry, Max 48 hours
2 Finish and application properties Smooth and Glossy and to pass the test
3 Water Content, Percent by Mass, Max 0.5
4 Flexibility and adhesion after 48 hours air drying No visible change or detachment of flim
5 Flash Point Net below 35 Degree Centigrade
6 Viscosity at 30 Degree Centigrade, Second 35-55
7 Deeping Properties (Shelf Life) Not less than six month

CNG Refueling Station Unit

Kay & Que started work for setting up CNG Refueling and filling Station at our factory site adjacent to the Dhaka Aricha highway. The trial production is scheduled on October, 2008 which is expected to deliver 11940 M3 gas on daily basis. So, hopefully Kay & Que will start commercial production on December 2008. This will facilitate CNG Gas refueling service to the highway moving vehicles 24 hours a day with utmost quality services through ensuring best pressure according to the customer’s needs.