Mr. Md. Mahboob Ahmed

Mr. Mahboob Ahmed

(Independent Director )

Mr. Md. Mahboob Ahmed has over 35 years of experience serving in different positions   in GoB. He has good skill and experience in the function of Human Resource Management, Planning and Monitoring; with vast experience in the field of Administration Special focus on Magistracy, Land Management and Local Government institutions in different rank and capacity.

He was the Additional Secretary of the Government at the Ministry of Planning where Coordinated Project Planning, Monitoring and evaluation of different mega projects from the apex. Besides that Mr. Mahboob ran Telecommunication Regulatory Commission as Secretary which earned him hands-on experience in telecom regulatory improvement and corporate restructuring.

Mr. Mahboob was also Director General at the Department of Agricultural Marketing in Bangladesh where he played a key role in stabilizing and reforming on Agricultural Marketing Policies with strong collaboration with FAO, JICA, World Bank, ADB & IFAD on market transformation and development.

He achieved different certificate courses in Administration and Management in home and abroad. He also led a couple of missions abroad.

Mr. Mahboob is an Alumni of Bradford University, United Kingdom.

He has been appointed as an Independent Director of the Company in October, 2020.

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