Abdul Awal Mintoo

Abdul Awal Mintoo


Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo, one of the most diversified businessmen of the country born in 1949. A lot of industries including Trade, Shipping, Bank & Insurance established under his expertise and Business acumen. He was elected as the president of FBCCI for two times. Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo completed his Bachelor of Science in Transport Science and Master of Science in Transport Management from States University of New York, USA. He also received another post-Graduation Degree in Agricultural Economics from University of London.

Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo has over 42 years of Experience in the business field especially well experienced in the field of Agro farm. Currently he is enjoying the Office of President of Bangladesh Seed Association. He was also elected as the member of the Executive Committee of Asia Pacific Seed Association (APSA). APSA is the largest regional seed association in the world.

He is holding Directorship in different private companies and those companies are extensively performing well and economically.

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